Buttonwood Beyond's Alternative Investment Monitoring (AIM)

Providing on-going, program specific, quarterly monitoring of individual alternative investments for the life of the program

Buttonwood Beyond’s Alternative Investment Monitoring (AIM) service provides Best-in-Class monitoring and due diligence on individual alternative investment programs, on a quarterly basis for the life of the alternative investment program.

AIM is designed to:

  • Keep the selling group fully informed for the LIFE of the program.
  • Fulfill Best Interest and Fiduciary Standard
  • Streamline the DDQ and information request process, saving both sides time and money!
  • Make justifying the asset management fee easy
  • Demonstrate a commitment to transparency and partnership
  • Create consistent communication between sponsors and BD/RIAs
  • Provide the industry's most user-friendly format for staying informed (color coded topic headings included!)

Buttonwood Beyond's AIM covers a wide range of topics and is customized for each individual program.

15 Categories, comprising 40 sub-categories including:

  • Program Status
  • Asset Review, Assessment, and Verification
  • Background Checks and Management Review
  • Financial Health and Analysis
  • Bank Statement Reviews
  • Fee Review and Assessments
  • Distribution Verification and Overview
  • and more!

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