Buttonwood Due Diligence, LLC was founded in 2004 and has been providing the highest quality independent due diligence reviews on alternative investments since.

  Buttonwood Due Diligence is a provider of in-depth, third-party research and due diligence on alternative investment programs and sponsors. We provide the industry’s most user-friendly report built around a methodology focused on analysis, interpretation and context that is derived from 20 years’ experience in the alternative investment industry.

Buttonwood was founded in 2004 and has been providing the highest quality due diligence services to the alternative investment industry since it's inception. Our team of highly qualified and diverse professionals, representing MBAs, CPAs, JDs, and CAIAs, bring their decades of experience into our reviews, providing insights and deep levels of understanding to every program and sponsor review.

In addition to conducting high quality third-party reviews of investment sponsors and their programs, we also provide:

  • SPONSOR CONSULTATIONS during the structuring phase and due diligence process
  • BD/RIA CONSULTATIONS to discuss our reviews and provide additional insights and context
  • SPONSOR QUALIFICATION reports designed to provide MBDs and other interested parties with a “snapshot” look at the sponsor entity during the initial evaluation period, including background checks and qualification evaluation. 
  • Buttonwood Beyond AIM (Alternative Investment Monitoring) reports that provide ongoing, quarterly due diligence tailored for the individual programs for the life of the program
  • PREMIER DUE DILIGENCE CONFERENCES designed to provide engaging and informative interaction among attendees 

History of our Name:

Buttonwood Due Diligence takes its name from the Buttonwood tree under which the agreement founding the New York Stock Exchange was signed. Buttonwood's founder, Dana Lawrence Woodbury’s, 4th great grandfather Augustine Hicks Lawrence was the youngest founding member under that famous buttonwood tree.

About Buttonwood Due Dilligence