About Us

Buttonwood Investment Services, LLC was founded in 2004 by Dana Woodbury, an award winning due diligence professional, to provide reliable and timely third-party due diligence to the Broker/Dealer community. Buttonwood’s high level of client service to both Broker/Dealers and sponsors has helped the company grow to serve more than 340 Broker/Dealers and more than 100 program sponsors from all over the country. The broad backgrounds of Buttonwood’s analysts promise analysis on not only a legal basis, but also on a financial, macro and micro economic, management, ethical and historical level.

Buttonwood’s top priority is to provide Broker/Dealers with a thorough understanding of a program’s and sponsor’s merits so they can more efficiently evaluate an investment’s appropriateness for their clients and ultimately maximize their and their clients’ earning power. In doing so, Buttonwood has also supported many program sponsors through their consulting services by helping them structure their programs to enhance compliance with regulatory, legal and marketing constraints. This results in products that are much more attractive to the Broker/Dealer community. The analysts at Buttonwood have developed the reputation of being cooperative yet thorough in presenting comprehensive and fair portraits of the programs they examine.

Buttonwood Investment Services, LLC takes its name from the buttonwood tree under which the agreement founding the New York Stock Exchange was signed. Dana Lawrence Woodbury’s great, great, great, great grandfather, Augustine Hicks Lawrence was the youngest founding member under that famous buttonwood tree.