Authored By: Alyna Ogrin on August 6th, 2021

                                          Buttonwood is officially under new ownership!

Image of Steve Ogrin and Vince Brady, Co-Owners and Principals of Buttonwood Due Diligence
        Steve Ogrin               Vince Brady
              Co-Owners and Principals


Buttonwood is pleased to announce that on December 1, 2020, Steve Ogrin and Vince Brady purchased the majority ownership and operational control of Buttonwood Due Diligence and its related entities. Both Steve and Vince have long-standing tenures at Buttonwood with a combined 21 years working as analysts, COO, and CFO, respectively.


Steve Ogrin, who has served as an analyst and Buttonwood’s chief operations officer for 13 years, and Vince Brady, who has served as an analyst and chief financial officer for 8 years, publicly announced their purchase of the company and its related entities from founder and owner, Dana Woodbury and Gwen Woodbury, respectively, on August 6, 2021.


Being intimately familiar with the programs and sponsors in the alternative investment space, Steve and Vince are looking forward to continuing Buttonwood’s tradition of providing insightful and in-depth reviews and analysis. 


“We are excited and honored to be taking the reigns from such a respected member of the industry,” said Steve. “Our focus will be to continually improve the quality and depth of analysis found in our reviews, while maintaining the integrity, professionalism, and third-party independence that the alternative investment community needs and expects from Buttonwood.”


Of additional note, effective July 31, 2021, Dana Woodbury and Gwen Woodbury have stepped aside from Buttonwood to pursue their longstanding goal of developing affordable housing for low-income families. As such, though Dana and Gwen no longer represent Buttonwood, we thank them for their years of service to the company and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!