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You can never completely eliminate investment risk, so Buttonwood Due Diligence is here to help you understand, manage and minimize that risk. Buttonwood’s third-party due diligence services provide our financial advisory clients with an impartial, extensive, and applicable analysis of sponsors and their investment offerings in the alternative investment industry.

Sponsor Reviews
Sponsor Reviews
In-depth look at the Sponsor/Manager offering alternative investment opportunities
Investment Program
Analysis and insights into individual alternative investment programs
Ongoing Due
Diligence Solutions
Alternative Investment Monitoring (AIM)
Quarterly reviews into alternative investment programs for the life of the program
Third-Party Reviews
We take pride in the role that we perform as a valuable source of independent, unbiased information and support for our partners in the alts space
How does Buttonwood maintain third-party independence?
Sponsor review options
Code of Ethics
We have implemented a Code of Ethics to strengthen Buttonwood’s endeavors to produce accurate, independent due diligence services.

Get in-depth, independent insights into alternative investments and the sponsors bringing those investments to market. Stay informed beyond the capital raise with on-going AIM coverage. Remove the blind-spots, mitigate the risk, and have the confidence to move forward with your alternative investment decisions.