How does Buttonwood maintain third-party independence?

First, Buttonwood’s Code of Ethics contains policies and procedures addressing and preventing various conflicts of interest, including provisions prohibiting any Buttonwood employee from accepting gifts, gratuities, or entertainment from any sponsor.

Second, Buttonwood is paid in full for any contracted services at the very start of an engagement, eliminating any financial leverage that a sponsor may have to influence the content of a Buttonwood Review. 

Third, Buttonwood withholds conclusions from any drafts sent to sponsors, further reducing the sponsor’s ability or incentive to attempt to influence Buttonwood’s conclusions. 

Fourth, when a report is finalized with our final thoughts, opinions and recommendations, the report is uploaded to Buttonwood’s Report Vault, a password-protected area of our website to which the sponsor does not have access. Click the link to visit the Report Vault

Fifth, Buttonwood employees are prohibited from investing in any program previously reviewed or expected to be reviewed in the future.    

Does Buttonwood invest in the programs it reviews?

Buttonwood employees are prohibited from investing in any program previously reviewed or expected to be reviewed in the future.

How long will my program review or sponsor review take to complete?

While every review is different, on average Buttonwood aims to complete each offering review within approximately 2 to 3 weeks and each sponsor review within approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Options are available to accelerate the review process when necessary. Please see "What to Expect" for more detail on Buttonwood’s process. 

How much does a Buttonwood review cost?

Buttonwood’s due diligence reviews are tailored specifically to each engagement. Following discussions with management and/or an initial review of the primary offering document for an investment program Buttonwood will quote an engagement price that reflects and accounts for the anticipated complexity of the review in question. Please contact Buttonwood to receive a quote. 

Why should I choose Buttonwood for my due diligence needs?

Our broad mix of talent and experience allows us to analyze an investment product or sponsor from financial, legal, operational and tax perspectives, all while asking the right questions and sharing our thoughts that are drawn from decades of diverse experience. Furthermore, we want all our clients to experience success. We pride ourselves on being fair and impartial and are here to support our financial advisory and sponsor clients in any way possible.