You can never completely eliminate investment risk, so Buttonwood Due Diligence is here to help you understand, manage and minimize that risk. Buttonwood’s third-party due diligence services provide our financial advisory clients with an impartial, extensive, and applicable analysis of sponsors and their investment offerings in the alternative investment industry.

Sponsor Reviews
Sponsor Reviews
The quality of an alternative investment Program is only as good as the foundation upon which it is built.
Investment Program
Alternative Investments offer numerous advantages including low market correlation, reduced volatility, and direct ownership.
Ongoing Due
Diligence Solutions
Staying informed and up to date on the investments in your alternative investment portfolio is vital to managing a successful portfolio.
Third-Party Reviews
Buttonwood is paid in full for any contracted services at the very start of an engagement, eliminating any financial leverage that a sponsor may have.
How does Buttonwood maintain third-party independence?
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Code of Ethics
We have implemented a Code of Ethics to strengthen Buttonwood’s endeavors to produce accurate, independent due diligence services.

For each sponsor raising hundreds of millions of dollars in investment capital, there are dozens more fighting and clawing to raise their first million.