Buttonwood Investment Services offers two different levels of reports, both program reports and complete sponsor reports for those clients who want a more in-depth investigation. Specialty reports are also available on an individual basis. The reports listed below offer a sampling of reports from the last 12 months that are currently available. The list below does not include all reports completed by Buttonwood. As such, if you are in need of a report that is not shown below or want to just request directly, please contact Gwen Woodbury at or (303) 730-3399 ext 207.

Sample of completed reports from Buttonwood:

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Sponsor NameProgram NameCategory
Hartman Income REITHartman Retail III DSTDST – Retail
Go Store It PartnersLouisville Storage DSTDST – Self Storage
NB Private CapitalThe Nine DSTDST – Student Housing
CION Investment GroupCION Ares Diversified Credit Fund UpdateInterval Fund – Diversified
Preferred Apt. CommunitiesSeries A Preferred Follow-On UpdatePreferred Stock
Preferred Apt. CommunitiesSeries M Redeemable UpdatePreferred Stock - No Load
Phoenix American HospitalityAmerican Hospitality Properties REITReg A – Hospitality
Spring HillsPreferred Equity Fund UpdateReg D - Senior Housing
Hanna Street Automotive GroupHanna Street Fund IReg D – Automotive Private Equity
Reiselman Motor CompanyReiselman Fund IReg D – Automotive Private Equity
Attrachi AutomotiveAttrachi Fund IReg D – Automotive Private Equity
ESG Clean EnergyESG-H1Reg D – Clean Energy
Citivest Commercial InvestmentsPacific Coast Commercial VenturesReg D – Commercial Real Estate
Lambda ManagementOpportunity Fund IReg D – Diversified Real Estate
Valley ForgeVF Real Estate IIIReg D – Diversified Real Estate
CAI InvestmentsCAI Las Vegas Hotel PartnersReg D – Hospitality
SME CapitalSeries H 2022 NotesReg D – Middle Markets
Heartland Production & RecoveryHeartland Drilling Fund IReg D – Oil & Gas
MacDonald RealtyBuddy Mac Holdings – 10% Note OfferingReg D – Promissory Note
Moody NationalMoody 2019 7% Unsecured NoteReg D – Promissory Note
Go Store It PartnersDerita Road StorageReg D – Self Storage
Madison CapitalMCG Folly Storage InvestorsReg D – Self Storage
SmartStopStrategic Storage Growth Trust IIReg D – Self Storage
HC2 CapitalCSL Flagstaff Senior Housing BReg D – Senior Housing
HC2 CapitalSAC State Student Housing BReg D – Student Housing
FCETFuel Cell Enabling TechnologiesReg D – Technology
SmartStopStrategic Storage Trust IV UpdateREIT – Self Storage
Hartman Income REITvREIT XXI UpdateREIT – Commercial Real Estate
ResourceApartment REIT III UpdateREIT – Multi Family
Carter Multi FamilyCarter Multi Family Growth & Income FundREIT – Multi Family
VisionWise CapitalVWC Orange County Multifamily Fund IIIREIT – Multifamily
SmartStopStudent Senior Housing Trust (Public)REIT – S&S
NB Private CapitalSponsor ReportSponsor - DSTs
Time EquitiesSponsor ReportSponsor – Commercial Real Estate
Cantor FitzgeraldSponsor ReportSponsor – Diversified Real Estate
Tri-Land PropertiesSponsor ReportSponsor – Grocery Anchored
VisionWise CapitalSponsor ReportSponsor – Multi Family
Carter Multi FamilySponsor ReportSponsor – Multi Family
Citivest Commercial InvestmentsSponsor ReportSponsor – Retail
Sixty WestSponsor ReportSponsor- Conservation Easement

Reports Currently In Progress

Sponsor NameProgram NameCategory
JPR ManagerJPR Capital TwoConservation Easement
IGFIGF Fund II Green REIndustrial Real Estate
ResourceCredit Income Fund UpdateInterval Fund – Credit
ResourceDiversified Income Fund UpdateInterval Fund – Div.
CAI InvestmentsReno Opportunity Zone Fund 1QOZ; Reg D – Hospitality
Lodging FundLegendary Lodging VAB QOZQOZ; Reg D – Hospitality
GK DevelopmentSecured Income V UpdateReg A – Unsecured Bonds
G3 AutomotiveVincere Fund IReg D – Automotive Private Equity
HC2TCR Denver Multi Family BReg D – Multi Family
Homebound ResourcesStrategic Energy Assets VIII Access FundReg D – Oil & Gas Recovery
Spring HillsPreferred Equity Fund Follow OnReg D – Senior Housing
Hartman Income REITHartman Total ReturnREIT – Commercial
Griffin CapitalEssential Asset REIT II UpdateREIT – CORE Properties
Homebound ResourcesSponsor ReportSponsor
SmartStopREIT Advisors Sponsor ReportSponsor
SmartStopAsset Management Sponsor ReportSponsor
Hartman Income REITSponsor ReportSponsor – Commercial Real Estate
JPR ManagerSponsor ReportSponsor – Conservation Easement
GK DevelopmentSponsor ReportSponsor – Diversified Real Estate
MacDonald RealtySponsor ReportSponsor – Multi Family
Redwood Mortgage InvestorsRedwood Mortgage CorporationSponsor/Reg D. - RE Lending

Other Recently Completed Reports

Sponsor NameProgram NameCategory
CION Investment GroupCION Investment Follow OnBDC – Follow On
Griffin CapitalInstitutional Access Credit FundInterval Fund – Credit
G.K. DevelopmentGK Investment HoldingsReg A – Unsecured Bonds
G.K. DevelopmentDeMarcay Development Preferred PartnersReg D – Commercial Real Estate
Puget Sound ManagementSeattle & W. Washington Real Estate FundReg D – Residential RE
King OperatingHoward County Fund I RegD–Oil&Gas
King OperatingLarimer County Energy FundRegD–Oil&Gas
SmartStopStrategic Storage Growth Trust MergerREIT Merger – SSGT & SSTII
Griffin CapitalEssential Asset REIT II Follow-OnREIT – CORE Properties
Cantor FitzgeraldRodin Income TrustREIT – Debt
Moody NationalREIT II MergerREIT – Hospitality
Cantor FitzgeraldRodin Global Property TrustREIT – Net Lease
CION Investment GroupSponsor ReportSponsor
ResourceSponsor ReportSponsor
Spring HillsSponsor ReportSponsor
Phoenix American HospitalitySponsor ReportSponsor – Hospitality
King OperatingSponsor ReportSponsor – Oil & Gas
HC2 CapitalSponsor ReportSponsor – Student Housing