At no other point in time has financial and legal disclosure been so incomplete and misleading. The recent signing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act indicates an even stronger regulatory effort to protect the ultimate financial investor and increases the fiduciary responsibilities of Broker/Dealers and Financial Advisors. Buttonwood works with both Sponsors and Broker/Dealers to offer the most reliable disclosure possible.

Services for program sponsors

  • Succinct understandable reports.
  • Sponsors’ choice of who receives their report.
  • In-depth and experienced analysis and verification to support the Broker/Dealers’ own due diligence efforts.
  • Punctual reports.
  • For sponsors looking to work with new Broker/Dealers, Buttonwood can produce a comprehensive review of the sponsor, allowing new clients to quickly capture a detailed picture of the company from trusted, third-party experts. These reviews are also helpful for sponsors looking to cement established relationships with Broker/Dealers or inform Broker/Dealers of significant changes in their operations and performance.

Services for Registered Investment Advisors, Broker Dealer & Family Office Communities

  • Concise and understandable overviews of alternative investments, saving Registered Investment Advisors, Broker Dealer & Family Office Communities important time and money as they wade through the deluge of alternative investment offerings
  • A qualified and painstaking investigation of alternative investments including not only a legal review, but also a financial, macro and micro economic, historical, management and ethical overview of the offering.
  • An opportunity to become familiar with new or previously unreviewed sponsors.
  • A broad internal and external network of experts to offer thorough reviews on:
    • REITS
    • Mortgage and Debt Funds
    • Oil & Gas Programs
    • Equipment Leasing Programs
    • Money Managers
    • Hedge funds
    • Business Development Companies (BDCs)
    • 1031 Exchanges (TICs & DSTs)
    • Commodity Funds
    • Insurance Programs
    • Web based products
    • Entertainment Programs
  • Workshops, seminars and newsletter articles for Broker/Dealers regarding:
    • The due diligence process
    • Suitability
    • The regulatory environment and legal concerns
    • Marketing strategies
    • Working with sophisticated clients
  • A thorough review of a Broker/Dealer’s Approved Product list, with comments and updates on each alternative product