You have a great investment thesis, your offering documents are in the works and you’re excited to make your investment offering a reality, but before you potentially waste valuable time and money going to market unprepared or with a potentially unattractive product, consider engaging Buttonwood to help.

Over nearly twenty years of working closely with sponsors, Buttonwood Due Diligence has developed a thorough understanding of what broker-dealers, advisors, and other investment professionals want to see in an investment offering and what they want to know about you, the sponsor, and your offering. 

Drawing on years of direct experience, Buttonwood will help you:  

  • Prepare for review from broker dealers and investment advisors by consulting with you on the documents, disclosures and other steps you’ll need to take on the way to getting selling partner approval.
  • Structure your investment offering in a way that is attractive to selling group partners and their investors while still being realistic for you as the sponsor.
  • Identify and select a managing broker dealer or other lead partner who will help assemble and lead your selling group. 


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