Buttonwood offers two levels of Sponsor Review.

Level 1: Sponsor Qualification Review

Sponsor Qualification Reviews (SQ) provide an overview for when you are in the initial interest stage with MBDs or selling groups that need a quick look at the Sponsor entity, but aren't ready for a full Sponsor Review. An SQ Review is designed to help get you in the door to start having the conversations prior to them taking the deep look into the sponsor or program.

SQ Reviews are a pass/fail checklist, covering 15 categories including background checks on management.

Contact us today for SQ Review pricing. 

Level 2: Full Sponsor Review

Our full Sponsor Review is a complete dive into the sponsor entity covering a wide range of categories. Including but not limited to:

  • Company background, ownership, affiliate structure
  • Management background checks and legal review
  • Entity analysis including legal review
  • Overview of sponsor’s targeted investments and investment methodologies
  • Financial statements for the sponsor and capitalized affiliated entities 
  • Company insurance policies
  • Prior performance with syndicated offerings and outside of offerings
  • Target market overview
  • Company formation documents for the sponsor and affiliates
  • Company governance documents such as operating agreements
  • Succession and business continuity plans
  • Internal controls including accounting policies, cash management and handling, IT security, etc.
  • Selling group relationships including managing BD arrangements (if present)
  • Visit to sponsor headquarters including on-site interviews with management (when applicable)

Sponsor Reviews need to be updated every 12-18 months to continue to be distributed to our BD, RIA, and Family Office partners.

All Sponsor Reviews include unlimited distribution and inclusion in our Reports Vault.


Contact us for Sponsor Review pricing. Pricing is a competitive sliding scale based upon the size and scope of the sponsor entity being reviewed.

Please note: Broker dealers, investment advisors and other investment professionals may have different requirements regarding what level of Buttonwood Sponsor Review they require.